Sep 22, 2021

How to Generate Extra Income Through Refer HR

We all wish that we had a side hustle through which we can earn that little extra money don’t we? We know that you’re probably busy with your full-time commitments, but here’s a great and easy way to earn money online – start giving job referrals! And what better way to give job referrals while earning an extra income than through Refer HR!

Refer HR is one of the only job recruiting platforms that provides cash incentives to hiring companies, job seekers and job referrers. Companies located across Canada in industries ranging from technology, service, or manufacturing place their trust on Refer HR as a reliable and cost-effective alternative to more traditional recruitment agencies and recruitment practices. Refer HR has a little something for everybody, be it a job seeker, a hiring manager or even if you’re just looking to make an extra income while working full-time. Let’s take a look at how you can create an effective side hustle through Refer HR, shall we?

How to make extra income while working full-time

Here are some tried and tested steps on how to earn money from home with Refer HR, and it’s easier than placing your coffee order!

Step 1: Create an account with us

Yes, we know that sounds super tedious and you’d rather be looking at that cute puppy video but setting up a profile on Refer HR will take you less than 80 seconds. Don’t believe us? Give it a shot and see!

Step 2: Take a gander at the open jobs

Now that you’re official all signed up, take a look through tons of available job opportunities. They can be filtered by job type, title, company name or location which makes it super easy for you to make those job referrals. (woah! technology!)

Step 3: Refer your friends/colleagues

Spread the word to your friends or colleagues who are looking for their next opportunity. Trust us, there are plenty of opportunities to be found on our job boards! You can even share the post directly with them via email so that they can apply to the job directly.

Step 4: Cha-Ching!

When your candidate applies for an open position and gets hired through Refer HR, guess what you get (apart from the warm and fuzzy feeling of helping a friend in need)? You get – drumrollllll - 5% of the total yearly compensation package just for finding the right candidate!

Is there an easier way to earn money from home? We don’t think so!

Aside from the massive karmic points you’re earning by helping someone find their dream job, you’re also opening up a whole new avenue for yourself to create an easy side hustle to earn money. There are a million ways to earn money, but to earn money through job referrals and networking is definitely one of the more satisfying means to do so!

Being given the power to create your own little side hustle to earn that extra income is a dream that many of us have. Even with a full-time job, you an easily make a referral in less than two minutes by using Refer HR. And who knows, by making those job referrals, you might even find yourself exploring a different career path like that of a career consultant or a recruiter!

What are some things to keep in mind while looking to earn that extra income through Refer HR? – we hear you ask!

1) Keep an eye on the positions that are open currently on our job board and see if they are a fit for people you come across at work or in your professional/personal network.

2) Check in on that friend or colleague whom you know is job hunting currently and educate yourself on their skillset to see if they are a match for any of the open positions.

3) Refer the right person, and make sure you are a 100% confident in your referral. There is nothing that shatters your credibility more with a company than recommending a candidate you don’t personally think is a good fit. Remember, if you’re not convinced in the fit yourself, how will the hiring manager be convinced?

4) Once you refer someone – Follow up. Remember that if you do not ask, you will never know. So don’t hesitate to follow up and see what happened to your referral.

Another important reason why you should keep your professional network up to date is to ensure that you can refer the right people. Networking is extremely important in today’s professional world, as making meaningful connections go a long way because what goes around, tends to come back around! The person you’re referring today could be in a position to offer you a fantastic opportunity in the future or could even end up as a potential client. So, keeping an eagle eye on the Refer HR job board will not only get you some well-deserved extra income, but it will also help you create a stronger, more reliable network.

You also create a brand for yourself as someone who can be relied upon to refer quality candidates. This puts you in a great position to create strong and meaningful connections with the right people in your professional arena.Multiple channels of income have become the norm in today’s world, so why not take advantage of the resources you have at your disposal, right? We are aware that job referrals take time, hard work and commitment; all of which should not go unrewarded, which is why we insist on having strong reward systems in place.

We at Refer HR believe that the best way to find that perfect candidate is through job referrals from someone who knows the candidate on a deeper professional level. If that referee is you, what are you waiting for? Use those magical networking skills of yours and start making those job referrals and get to creating that neat little side-hustle for yourself today!

And if you’re wondering where to begin, you can start by clicking on this link here -