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Refer HR is the only job recruiting platform that provides cash incentives for hiring organizations, job seekers and referrers. Companies across Canada in industries from technology to service to manufacturing trust Refer HR as a reliable, cost-effective alternative to traditional recruitment agencies.

Our Story

Founder Billy So started Refer HR to help companies recruit and retain candidates quickly and efficiently.

Having worked in the tech industry for over 20 years, Billy saw firsthand how high-cost recruitment agencies and a low supply of specialized talent made it hard for startups to find qualified candidates. Smart hiring managers turned away from traditional recruitment tactics and to their teams instead. The best candidates, he learned, were the ones referred by a company’s own employees.

From his experience, Billy knew that referral recruiting was the key to helping tech startups grow. He enlisted the help of Kobe Tang—a certified recruiter—to design a job recruiting platform that would incentivize colleagues, classmates and coworkers to refer each other for open positions. 

Billy so

Meet Our Team

Billy So


As both a serial entrepreneur and angel investor, Billy understands the difficulty for start-ups and early stage technology companies to hire the right talent. He believes the best solution to the problem is an HR referral platform with a trusted community where companies, candidates and referrers create an efficient ecosystem for recruitment, together. At ReferHR, our goal is to provide our customers with reliable and professional recruitment services at a reasonable cost.

Kobe Tang

Kobe Tang

Business Development Manager

Kobe joined the HR industry as a recruiter hiring for both public and private sector opportunities. He is passionate about helping people find the right career, which can truly be life changing. As a certified recruiter coach, Kobe has helped many companies achieve best practices in recruitment. Kobe transitioned into the sales and client relationship area of HR in 2018, prioritizing his ability to create and maintain lasting relationships with clients and candidates throughout all stages of any type of engagements.

Billy So

"It’s not about the money that a company can spend to hire a candidate, it’s about finding the right fit."

— Billy So, CEO

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