ERP Business Systems Analyst

$75,000 - 100,000 / YEAR


The ideal candidate for this position is an experienced Business Analyst with 5+ years of experience working on complex enterprise-wide ERP implementations in the manufacturing industry. They should have a functional understanding of manufacturing ERP processes and the ability to lead requirements elicitation processes. The candidate should also have excellent project management, communication, and problem-solving skills, and be comfortable collaborating cross-functionally and communicating within all levels of the organization. Finally, proficiency in both English and Mandarin Chinese and familiarity with factory and repetitive production manufacturing environments are assets.

King's Pastry

King's Pastry


Mississauga, Ontario

Hiring Bonus ~ $1,000 CAD

Referral Reward ~ $5,000 CAD

Key Responsibilities


  • Lead all ERP/CRM Systems and Projects and manage the release of updates from the system vendor.
  • Document and ERP prepare deployment progress updates.
  • Be an expert in all aspects of the Material Requirement Planning (MRP) functionality.
  • Interact with the systems vendors to ensure up to date technical knowledge and awareness of product direction.
  • Prepare training materials for ERP/CRM system functionality, process changes, train and instruct users with respect to their specific day-to-day activities.
  • Monitor specifications for all new changes and enhancements to the manufacturing systems.
  • Monitor and report on system performance, identifying areas for improvement and making recommendations for optimization.
  • Communicate confidently with various types of partners: developers, vendors, and management.
  • Provide software application support; troubleshoot and resolve production problems by analyzing reports and queries to uncover errors or problems. Decide if errors are a result of data entry or programming and take the necessary steps to correct errors or assist in resolving them.
  • Provide training and support for all ERP/CRM users.
  • Support the activities of all staff in systems analysis, design, and implementation.

Workflow Management:

  • Understand inventory, accounting, sales, production, and operations processes and how they interact with ERP/CRM.
  • Document the business process and keep all documentation up to date (and guiding the business through) technical and business requirements for global ERP/CRM implementation in a manufacturing organization.


  • Troubleshoot, research, and resolve technical issues.
  • Maintain technical documentation and performing equipment setup/troubleshooting (PCs, Servers, firewalls, switches, mobile devices).
  • Assist in set up, administration, and support for corporate laptops/desktops/phones.
  • Coordinate with IT and BSC in configuring and maintaining computer systems, including hardware, system software, and applications.

Skills and Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree in business or science.
  • 5+ years’ experience working on complex enterprise-wide ERP implementations as a Business Analyst and has worked on end-to-end enterprise ERP projects in manufacturing companies and experience with full set of ERP Business Process Integration.
  • Experience documenting (and guiding the business through) technical and business requirements for global ERP/MRP/MPS implementation in Manufacturing organizations.
  • The ideal person should have a strong functional understanding of Manufacturing ERP processes to be able to be the main facilitator between the business users and technical teams, while leading requirements elicitation processes
  • Extensive knowledge of MPS/MRP, Demand Flow, Forecasting, Inventory Planning and Supply Chain Design
  • Functional understanding of end-to-end business processes as they relate to ERP (Finance, Operations, Manufacturing etc.)
  • Excellent project management skills, effective multi-tasking, and time-management skills, with the ability to prioritize tasks.
  • Strong critical thinking, problem-solving and decision-making skills with the ability to investigate and weigh alternatives and select the course of action that provides the greatest benefit to the organization.
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills, experience working with senior stakeholders/executives.
  • Comfortable collaborating cross-functionally and communicating within all levels of the organization.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills; good interpersonal skills.
  • Proficient verbal and written communication abilities in both English and Mandarin Chinese.
  • Familiarity with factory and repetitive production manufacturing environments is an asset.


Established in 1996 by three immigrants from Montreal looking to provide more delicious desserts for grocery, restaurant and hospitality providers. King’s Pastry has grown from a small, humble commercial bakery to become a leading manufacturer of cakes, pastries and other desserts for every retail and food service need. We are a classic tale of hard work, perseverance and adaptability, which is why some of North America’s largest retailers and providers like Costco, Walmart, Safeway, Loblaws, Sysco and Gordon Food Service, amongst others, trust us to support their bakery programs.

Based in Mississauga, Ontario, just outside of Toronto – one of the most multicultural cities in the world – we draw inspiration from the incredibly diverse cultural and food scene around us to create unique, innovative and internationally-inspired flavor profiles for the masses. We understand what it’s like to establish new roots in a community, and know how important it is to find things that connect with those around us. Whether it is through delicious desserts, nostalgic tastes or building strong relationships around us, we are always looking one step ahead at emerging flavor trends to identify the next desserts consumers will desire so everyone can Taste the World.

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