Sr. Generalist Programmer

$80,000-110,000 / YEAR


Our valued client is currently seeking a Sr. Generalist Programmer to bring deep expertise in a couple of areas of development while also bringing a broad range of experience in different tools and frameworks to support an array of technical tasks, including the development of new features, interaction (UI/UX), systems and testing frameworks. You will work alongside our programmers, designers, data analysts and leads to create rituals, emanant AI and tools. 

Global Talent Accelerator

Global Talent Accelerator

Toronto, Canada

Hiring Bonus ~ $1,100 CAD

Referral Reward ~ $5,500 CAD


    • Create a variety of systems and tools, build new features, and take us deeper into the possibilities of emanant AI
    • With our CEO, develop a new economy that models not only direct contribution but also relational forms of contribution such as communication and inspiration
    • Speak at conferences and/or to the press about your work


    • Attend company-wide reflection retreats
    • Establish, document, and iterate upon best practices for programming
    • Work with our collective to set our quarterly goals
    • Work with our collective to optimize our production processes and frameworks
    • Work with our collective to prepare for and benefit from our quarterly board of directors and advisory board meetings
    • Work to identify and fix issues in our #SelfCare app and our social platform by creating new tools and systems that enable iterative improvements


    • Connect to our collective mission for the cycle
    • Identify who can best contribute to your commitments for the cycle and negotiate requirements and contributions considering multiple priorities
    • Drive your responsibilities forward through negotiation, requirements analysis, delegation with a determined and flexible commitment to results
    • Integrate others’ knowledge and experience into your work
    • Support designers to iterate on their work on a series of rapid prototypes tested with audience members
    • Analyze and review design ideas, explore technical requirements and provide feedback on feasibility, suggesting alternatives and opportunities
    • Identify 1-3 new insights about our collective flow and the collective mission to help us optimize our processes and frameworks
    • Share what opportunities for improvement you’ve identified in your knowledge, capabilities or interests, what new support you’d like, which people you’d like support from, and what support you can let go of



    • Reconnect to our collective mission
    • Write and maintain scalable, performant code built to multiple platforms
    • Create and upload builds for iOS and Android
    • Program for Unity with C# in Visual Studio
    • Explore your own experiences of presence, transformation and collective flow to inform your work


Skills and Requirements


    • 5-7+ years experience with interactive/game programming in a team
    • 1-2+ years experience contributing to architecture or framework design
    • Fluency in C#, C++, and/or Java
    • Comfort with the complexity of the creation of interactive media
    • Comfort refactoring legacy code and implementing improvements to its architecture
    • Dedication to high code quality, automated testing and other best practices Interest in both consciousness and social justice
    • Enthusiasm for working within an imperfect social system to transform it iteratively, finding solutions that are rapidly scalable
    • Enthusiasm for working in an experimental company where plans and priorities change quickly and everyone helps each other out to achieve our deliverables
    • Strong creative, conceptual and problem-solving skills
    • Strong organizational and technical skills
    • Strong interpersonal and relationship-building skills
    • An experimental mindset where you are both easily tolerant of mistakes and courageous about identifying and fixing them
    • A degree in computer science, computer engineering, or equivalent study or work experience


    • Experience advocating for marginalized communities whose voices are often overlooked in the tech industry
    • Experience with public speaking
    • An interest in regenerative models for personal, collective and world transformation
    • An interest in alternative currencies and collective resource sharing
    • In your application, send us an example of a company that you find heartwarming

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