Mar 03, 2022

How to Write a Cover Letter

What is a cover letter really? Think of it like a little preview where you get all of 7 seconds to make a great first impression in front of the hiring manager. Writing a great cover letter can sometimes put a lot of pressure on someone who’s job hunting. And believe us when we say that no one likes job hunting or scouring through a ton of job sites looking for that one perfect role. For many people, writing an attention-grabbing cover letter could be a challenging process. There is a lot of conflicting advice out there regarding what the best cover letter format looks like or what a creative cover letter opening sentence should read like. There is a whole section of the job market who wonders if you even need a cover letter in the first place!

We say that a cover letter is crucial to the job application process and is your first shot at creating a positive impression upon the hiring manager. Especially in this era of virtual interviews and onboarding, having a well-crafted cover letter shows how serious you might be about the role you’re applying for. So let us take you through some great cover letter examples, cover letter templates and some of the best cover letter formats that you can use while applying for open positions.

Creative cover letter opening sentence examples

To write an attention-grabbing cover letter, you need to ensure that you have captured the attention of the hiring manager from the very first line. It’s easy to fall into the tried and tested opening line, “Dear Hiring Manager, In response to your job advertisement…”. Remember that hiring managers see hundreds of similar cover letters and it’s easy for yours to fall through the cracks even if you’re the most qualified person for the role.

So how do you keep your cover letter professional, and yet not boring? Here are some creative cover letter opening sentence examples that we have compiled which may help you when you’re writing one of your own.

Take a look at this example that uses powerful and impactful words – “Financial analysis, project management, and research are my passions and areas of expertise. Not only are these my passions, but also, I believe these skills are the foundation for any project management professional. As an analytical financial manager, I excel at extracting data to understand where the company’s focus should be”.

Or take this example of a cover letter that is humorous, yet professional – “I’ve been giving my friends and family fashion advice since I was 10 years old, and recently decided that it’s time I get paid for it. That’s why when I saw an opening for a Personal Stylist with ABC, I knew I had to take this opportunity”. Another great example of lighthearted yet ambition driven cover letter opening sentence is - “When I was younger my big dream was to be a living statue on the street and entertain people. Thankfully, my aspirations have grown a little over the years, but the love that I have in drawing a crowd and entertaining people never vanished. And these are some of my passions that would make me a great community manager”.

Attention-grabbing cover letter examples

Your resume lays out all the facts and figures related to your work experience, but it’s the cover letter that helps convey your personality. This makes it vital for you to write a cover letter that will make you memorable and maybe even land your dream job! Let’s take a quick look at how you can structure your cover letter template to make sure that you stand out among thousands of other applicants.

Here’s an easy-to-remember template that will aid you when you’re crafting your own cover letter:

  • Keep your introduction memorable. As we mentioned earlier, stay professional, but remember that you can also have a bit of fun with your introduction.
  • Give specific and organized examples of relevant work experience and the various problems that you may have solved in a similar position.
  • Give a concise conclusion to your cover letter with a call-to-action.

Remember to address the person to whom you’re writing the cover letter. It’s perfectly fine to say, “To whom it may concern” or “Dear Sir/Madam” and many people address their cover letters in a similar manner. But, if you take a bit of time to look up the job poster on LinkedIn and address them by name, it shows that you’ve done your due diligence. Remember that if you are unable to find the name of the hiring manager or the recruiter, you could also address the cover letter to “Dear Hiring Manager”.

This cover letter for example refers to the hiring manager by name and talks about relevant details related to the role – “Dear Mr. Allan, I am excited about the project management role open at ABC Ltd. Your job post mentions the upcoming employee onboarding project. This particularly stood out to me as I recently wrapped up a similar project where I managed a team of four to deliver a new employee training program”.

By adding relevant keywords that tell your potential employer that you qualify for the role you’re setting yourself apart from the other 200 candidates who have applied for the same role. Take a look at this example that outlines how to use the right keywords in your cover letter – “With more than 15 years of experience as a Paid Search Specialist, I am proficient in SEM and Adobe Analytics while also being able to handle large budgets up to $10M in ad-spends”

Showcase your achievements and tell the story of how much of an impact you’ve made in your current and past organizations. Don’t ever be vague or too modest about your achievements, as this is what will set you apart from competition and give you a better chance to land your dream job. Lastly, create a call to action that will leave the hiring manager wanting to know more. The final paragraph of your cover letter should express how excited you are about the role and should also serve as a mini pitch by reminding them subtly about why you’re a great fit for the role!